Understanding Intellectual Property Law


Understanding Intellectual Property Law



Understanding Intellectual Property Law, 2nd Edition covers all of the intellectual property areas and issues likely to be addressed in an intellectual property survey course. After a comprehensive Introduction in Chapter 1, the general areas covered in the remaining chapters include:

• Patents

• Trade Secrets

• Copyright

• Trademarks, and

• Other Intellectual Property Rights such as:

• Design Protection

• Plant Protection

• Semiconductor Chip Protection

• False Advertising

• Misappropriation

• Rights of Publicity

• Idea Submission

This new edition also includes:

• Coverage of major Supreme Court cases in intellectual property from the past decade

• Changes made in response to the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)

• Synthesis and reorganization of materials on patentable subject matter

• Developments in trade secret law, including adoption of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA)

• Synthesis and reorganization of materials on copyrightable subject matter

• New material on secondary liability, including Grokster, Global-Tech, and the safe harbors and notice-and-takedown provisions for online service providers

• Coverage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, including anti-circumvention and copyright management information

• New materials on Internet technology, including streaming, search engines, keyword advertising, domain names, and cybersquatting

• Completely revised coverage of trademarks, including the Federal Trademark Dilution Act and the Trademark Dilution Revision Act



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Intellectual Property Law