Stempel and Knutsen on Insurance Coverage, Fourth Edition


Stempel and Knutsen on Insurance Coverage, Fourth Edition



Unlike most other books in the field, which slant toward either policyholder or insurer counsel, Stempel and Knutsen on Insurance Coverage takes an even-handed approach making it useful to attorneys from all sides. Moreover, it's designed for practitioners from all professional backgrounds and insurance experience.

Written in clear, jargon-free language, it covers everything from the basic insurance concepts, principles, and structure of insurance policies to today's most complex issues and disputes. The authors, Jeffrey W. Stempel and Erik S. Knutsen, are well-known authorities on the law of insurance coverage, and this new Fourth Edition of Stempel and Knutsen on Insurance Coverage is completely up-to-date on every aspect of its subject.

This one-stop resource provides both a sound historical, theoretical and doctrinal grounding in insurance, as well being practice-oriented and packed with practical guidance. After providing information about insurance policies and issues in general, it focuses on specific types of policies and coverage such as property coverage, liability coverage, automobile coverage, excess and umbrella coverage, and reinsurance, plus such vital areas as employment, defective construction, and terrorism claims...D&O liability...ERISA...bad faith litigation...and much more. Plus, you'll find extensive examination of the commercial general liability (CGL) policy, the type of insurance involved in most major coverage cases.

Among the most important CGL issues covered in Stempel and Knutsen on Insurance Coverage are:

  • Pollution-related coverage
  • Trigger of coverage
  • Apportionment of insurer and policyholder responsibility
  • Business risk exclusions
  • Coverage under the "personal injury" section of the CGL
  • Coverage under "advertising injury"

Nowhere else will you find so much valuable current information, in-depth analysis, sharp insight, authoritative commentary, significant case law, and practical guidance on this critically important area. With its clear explanations and thorough, even-handed coverage, Stempel and Knutsen on Insurance Coverage is unlike any other resource in its field.



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New York, New York


insurance contracts, property coverage, umbrella coverage, reinsurance, defective construction, terrorism claims, commercial general liability policy, bad faith litigation


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Stempel and Knutsen on Insurance Coverage, Fourth Edition
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