eLawyering and the Future of Legal Work

Richard Granat, MyLawyer.com
Blair Janis, WealthCounsel, LLC
Stephanie Kimbro, Kimbro Legal Services
Marc Lauritsen, Capstone Practice Systems


eLawyering is doing legal work – not just marketing it – over the Web. Pioneering practitioners have found dramatic new ways to communicate and collaborate with clients and other lawyers, produce documents, settle disputes, interact with courts, and manage legal knowledge. There are exciting initiatives underway now that deserve attention by all lawyers – present and future.

The legal profession is being disrupted from without and from within. To be successful in the coming era, lawyers will need to know how to practice over the Web, manage client relationships in cyberspace, and offer “unbundled” services.

This program discusses the knowledge and skills you will need to prosper in the years ahead. It also discusses major opportunities that eLawyering provides to improve access to justice for those who can’t afford or don’t like traditional commercial modes of service delivery.