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This Article uses a law and psychology approach to identify ways to strengthen the administration of justice in the corporate workplace. Essentially, a better understanding of human behavior provides insights that are useful in crafting effective laws and improving the implementation of existing laws. The analysis of perception gaps due to inattentional blindness uncovers an under-theorized factor contributing to an enduring problem. Part I sets out the workforce crisis at the individual, company, national, and international levels and the role of gender inequality in this crisis and the pace of change. Part II discusses perception gaps among demographic groups as to the presence and pervasiveness of workplace gender inequalities. Part III describes and uses inattentional blindness theory to explain these gaps. Part IV proposes some measures to infuse new energy into the pace of progress toward workplace gender equality and reduce the workplace crisis. The Article concludes with a call to action.

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14 Santa Clara J. Int'l L 333 (2016).