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In a casebook I co-author, "Principles of Insurance Law," with Peter Swisher and Erik Knutsen, we refer to insurance as "the Rodney Dangerfield of law." It just does not (to paraphrase the words of the late comedian), get enough respect. Lawyers are familiar with (and have been since perhaps the fourth week of law school), the American Law Institute's Restatements of the Law, particularly widely cited restatements, such as those governing torts and contracts (and, to a lesser extent, judgments, conflict of laws, restitution, suretyship and others). Despite the importance of insurance in the civil justice system, it has been slow in getting its own restatement -- but that's changing, at least for liability insurance. The institute is crafting the first Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance.

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Nev. Law., Dec. 2015, at 24.

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