Nevada Law Journal


The purpose of the reflections that follow is to highlight the meaning and importance of the hermeneutic shift produced by the work of Gadamer, to consider some of his themes and categories, and to extend the meaning of this hermeneutic rationality to the legal field in terms of a new conception of interpretation. A second objective is to catch sight of new theoretical perspectives, having as a starting point the unfolding of practical philosophy into hermeneutic philosophy carried out by Gadamer. This article aims at recuperating, among other things, the fundamental hermeneutic problem, so as to obtain a glimpse into the possibility of new theoretical prospects (just as Aristotle’s proposed division of philosophy into practical and theoretical generated new theoretical perspectives for Gadamer). However, this objective will not be developed in-depth in its concepts and categories, but only suggested in the final paragraph.

Publication Citation

10 Nev. L. J. 630 (2010)