Yoosun Jun

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Nevada State Contractors Board filed a complaint against Silverwing Development’s multiple contracts entered for a project claiming the total contracted amount for the project exceeded Silverwing’s monetary license limit in violation of NRS 624.220(2). NRS 624.220(2) limits the monetary license amount a contractor can bid on “one or more construction contracts on a single construction site or subdivision site for a single client.” The Board fined Silverwing $1,000 per violation, and Silverwing petitioned for judicial review. The district court denied Silverwing’s petition, and Silverwing appealed. Silverwing argued the term “subdivision site” in the statute is not unconstitutionally vague. The Board determined the common usage of “subdivision site” carries commonly understood meaning, and the statute is enforced with standard, without discrimination. Therefore, the statute is not unconstitutionally vague. Affirmed.