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Deviations from the Nevada Administration Code’s framework for calculating a parent’s base child support obligations may not exceed the party’s total obligation. Furthermore, a district court’s decision to award reasonable attorney fees and costs will stand absent an abuse of discretion. Here, the district court deviated from NAC 425.150(1)’s framework and increased the appellant’s child support obligation by nearly $2,000 per month over NAC 425.140’s base child support obligation. This deviation exceeded the appellant’s monthly total obligation which the district court calculated to $823.04. Therefore, the Supreme Court of Nevada reversed the district court’s decision and remanded with instructions to reduce the appellant’s montly child support obligation to no more than an additional $824.04 per month above the base child support obligation. The district court also awarded attorney fees to the respondant. This decision was not an abuse of discretion because the appellant used his superior wealth to unnecessarily increase litigation costs.

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