SALT Equalizer


Contents of this issue:

Sylvia A. Law, SALT Members and the Thomas Nomination, at 1.

Mary Joe Frug to be Honored at SALT Dinner in San Antonio, at 1.

Howard A. Glickstein, President's Column, at 2.

Judith Resnik, Cover Study Group in San Antonio, at 3.

Howard A. Glickstein, Tribute to Tom Emerson, at 3.

Pat Cain, SALT Workshop on Political Correctness, at 4.

Jacki Hamilton & Lynette Williams, The Fifth Annual Robert Cover Public Interest Retreat: Shifting the Balance: Pursuing Public Interest in Legal Education and Practice, at 4.

Gerry Singsen, SALT Conference at Stanford a Great Success, at 5.

David Bonhizer, Justice Mission Conference, at 12.

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SALT Equalizer, Nov. 1991

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