SALT Equalizer


Contents of this issue:

Arthur S. Leonard, SALT to File Amicus Brief in Military Recruitment Case, at 1.

Sylvia A. Law, President's Column, at 1.

Joyce Saltalamachia, Report of the Board of Governor's Meetings, at 2.

Leslie Espinoza, The LSAT: A Lesson in Political Correctness, at 3.

SALT Committee, Hostile Law School Environments: Defining Institutional Responsibility, at 4.

Angela P. Harris, Blindness Bred by Privilege, at 7.

Zipporah Wiseman & Anne Goldstein, Reimagining Traditional Law School Courses, at 8.

Sylvia A. Law, An Insightful Look at Law School, at 10.

Michael M. (Burns) Rooke-Ley, Editor's Prerogative... A Personal Note, at 11.

Chicago Meeting September 19th, at 11.

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SALT Equalizer, Aug. 1992

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