SALT Equalizer


Contents of this issue:

Cruz Reynoso to be Honored at SALT Dinner in San Francisco, at 1.

Sylvia A. Law, President's Column, at 1.

Michael M. Rooke-Ley, Law Grads Risk Being "Outed," at 2.

Charles Calleros, Combatting "ISMS" After R.A.V., at 4.

Hazel Weiser, Setting the Tone: Raising Diversity Issues at Orientation, at 5.

Joyce Saltalamachia, SALT Board Meets in Chicago, at 8.

Margery Koosed, Representing Death Row Inmates: Bringing Reality into the Classroom and Justice to the Unrepresented, at 11.

SALT-Minded Events in San Francisco, at 11.

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SALT Equalizer, Dec. 1992

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