SALT Equalizer


Contents of this issue:

Juan F. Perea, English-Only Rules: SALT Convinces the Solicitor General, But Not the High Court, at 1.

Jean C. Love, President's Column, at 1.

Joyce Saltalamachia, SALT Board Meets in Washington, at 2.

Arthur S. Leonard, New York High Court Says Schools Can Bar Military Recruiters; Congressional Reaction Threatened, at 3.

Rand E. Rosenblatt, SALT's Health Reform Committee Continues Its Struggle Against Vested Interests, at 5.

Jean DeStefano, First Monday in October is Public Interest Law Day, at 5.

Patricia A. Cain, SALT Supports Asian-American Law Professors' Conference, at 6.

Phoebe A. Haddon, SALT Seeks Nominees for Annual Teaching Award, at 7.

Patricia A. Cain, New Film for Classroom Use: Focus on Arthur Kinoy, at 7.

Eric Janus & Carol Chomsky, SALT Presents Conference on Diversity Issues, at 8.

Cynthia Grant Bowman, SALT's Recruitment Efforts Pay Off, at 14.

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SALT Equalizer, Aug. 1994

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