SALT Equalizer


Contents of this issue:

Michael Rooke-Ley, SALT Speaks Out on Diversity, Inclusion and the Promise of "Affirmative Action," at 1.

Pat Cain, The Unfortunate Rhetoric of Affirmative Action, at 2.

Leslie Espinoza, Access to Power, at 2.

Michael Kinsley, The Spoils of Victimhood, at 3.

Stephanie Wildman, Embracing Diversity, at 4.

Gerald Horne, Reversing Discrimination: The Case for Affirmative Action, at 5.

Ellis Cose, Meritocracy, at 5.

David Chang, Slavery's Consequences, at 6.

Stanley Fish, Affirming Affirmative Action, at 7.

Nicholas Lemann, Premature Evaluation, at 9.

Rutgers Proud of Law School's Set-Asides, at 10.

Janice, S. Robinson, Opening Doors, at 12.

Quisaira Y. Almanzar, Keep the Dream Alive, at 13.

Lisa Chiyemi Ikemoto, Are We "Just One Race Here"?, at 14.

Nicholas Lemann, Serving Society's Needs, at 15.

Angela P. Harris, The End of Reconstruction, at 16.

Nicholas Lemann, Abolish Affirmative Action?, at 18.

Gertrude Ezorsky, Racism and Justice, at 19.

Peter Applebone, Gains in Diversity Facing Attack at University of California, at 20.

Gary Peller, Debunking Pretensions to Objectivity, at 22.

Howard Glickstein, Doing Better, at 22.

Ben Wildaysky, Social Solution, at 22.

Howard A. Glickstein, White Policy-Makers, at 23.

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SALT Equalizer, July 1995

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