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Contents of this issue:

Stephanie M. Wildman & Phoebe A. Haddon, Presidents' Column, at 1.

Sue Bryant, Law Professors March to Protest Clinic Restrictions on Representing the Poor, at 1.

Theresa Glennon, SALT Annual Dinner: An Evening of Recognition and Inspiration, at 4.

Joyce Saltalamachia, SALT Board Meets in New Orleans, at 5.

Robert Cover and Trina Grillo Public Interest Law Conferences Inspire Students from New Hampshire to California, at 7.

Francisco Valdes, Shaming "Solomon": Resisting the Return to the De Jure Discrimination, at 11.

Francisco Valdes, Talking Points for "Solomon II" Repeal Letters*, at 13.

Joan Howarth, Examining the Bar, at 14.

Holly Maguigan, CUNY Hosts Successful Conference on "Integrating Immigrant Perspectives," at 14.

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SALT Equalizer, Apr. 1999

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