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Theresa Glennon, SALT Honors Marjorie Shultz, Barney Frank at the Annual Awards Dinner, at 1.

Stephanie M. Wildman & Phoebe A. Haddon, Presidents' Column, at 2.

Ann Shalleck, SALT Members Initiate "First Monday" Programs, at 3.

Joyce Saltalamachia, SALT Board Meets Twice in San Francisco, at 6.

Howard Glickstein, Urgent Call to Keep the SALT Salary Survey Alive, at 7.

Sharon Hom, Joan Howarth, Eileen Kaufman, Madeline Plasencia, Judith Reed & Margalynne Armstrong, SALT's San Francisco Conference Re-Examines the Bar Exam, at 8.

Barbara Aldave, Bar Examinations: A Call for Reform, at 10.

SALT Events in Washington DC, at 13.

David L. Chambers, Richard O. Lempert & Terry K. Adams, The African American, Latino and Native American Graduates of One American Law School, 1970-1996, at 19.

Stephen Wizner, Thirteenth Annual Robert Cover Public Interest Law Retreat March 3-5 in New Hampshire, at 25.

Eric & Nancy Wright, Second Annual Trina Grillo Public Interest Law Retreat March 24-26 in California, at 25.

Eric Yamamoto, Teachers of Color to Meet June 1-4, 2000 in Hawai'i, at 25.

Margaret Montoya, Law and Society Association Applications Sought for Summer Institute July 5-9 in Buffalo, at 26.

Amy Kastely, SALT Teaching Conference October 20-21 in New York, at 26.

"Ten Years is Enough!" Cries Rooke-Ley. "It's Time to Pass the Torch," at 27.

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SALT Equalizer, Dec. 1999

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