SALT Equalizer


Contents of this issue:

Carol Chomsky & Margaret Montoya, Presidents' Column, at 1.

Francisco Valdes, Solomon II Update: Victory on Hold - Stay Tuned, at 1.

Paula Johnson, SALT Diversity Exhibits Send a Strong Visual Message, at 5.

Eileen Kaufman, SALT Issues Statement of Support for Adam's Mark Boycott, at 7.

Margaret Montoya, First Ever "Race Judicata" Conference at University of New Mexico, at 8.

SALT's Bar Exam Reform Campaign Gains Momentum, at 10.

Samantha Blevins, Grillo Retreat Energizes and Inspires Public Interest Students, Faculty and Practitioners, at 14.

Stephen Wizner, SALT Sponsors Thirteenth Annual Robert M. Cover Public Interest Retreat, at 16.

Elvia Arriola & Natsu Saito, SALT Shakers in Retreat, at 17.

Norm Stein, Report from Our Treasurer, at 19.

Jennifer Williamson & Michael Rooke-Ley, SALT History: The Founding of SALT, at 20.

Joyce Saltalamachia & David Oppenheimer, SALT Board Meets in D.C. in January... And in Santa Fe in March, at 24.

Kim Dayton, What New at the SALT Website, at 26.

Paula Johnson, Nominations Sought for Open Board Positions, at 26.

Michael Rooke-Ley, Eric Janus to Take Over as Equalizer Editor, at 27.

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SALT Equalizer, Apr. 2000

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