SALT Equalizer


Carol Chomsky & Margaret Montoya, Presidents’ Column, at 1.

Sue Bryant, SALT Teaching Conference, at 1.

Vernellia Randall, SALT Committee Plans Survey to Evaluate Schools’ Commitment to Diversity, at 2.

Phoebe Haddon, AALS Task Force on Racial Diversity Seeks to Make Legal Education More Inclusive, at 3.

Eric Yamamoto, Western Law Teachers of Color and Asian American Law Teachers Hold First Joint Conference, at 4.

Kim Dayton, SALT in Cyberspace, at 5.

Martha Chamallas, SALT Expands, at 5.

Carol Chomsky, SALT Testimony Leads to Rethinking of Bar Exam Proposal, at 6.

Linda S. Green, Sylvia Law, Pat Cain, Joyce Saltalamachia, Stephanie Wildman, Phoebe Haddon & Howard Glickstein, A Tribute to Outgoing Equalizer Editor Michael Rooke-Ley, at 8.

First Monday to Focus on Gun Violence – SALT Co-Sponsors Events, at 11.

SALT Mourns the Loss of Long-Time Treasurer Stuart Filler, at 14.

SALT Seeks Nominations for Teaching and Human Rights Awards, at 15.

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SALT Equalizer, Aug. 2000

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