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Paula Johnson & Michael Rooke-Ley, Rep. Barbara Lee to Speak at SALT’s Annual Banquet; 30th Anniversary Banquet Honors SALT’s Founders, at 1.

Carol Chomsky & Margaret Montoya, Presidents’ Column – December 2001, at 1.

Sylvia A. Law, Founder Norman Dorsen Pledges Challenge Gift to Endow SALT Fellowship, at 1.

Robert Cover Workshop to Focus on Affirmative Action and University of Michigan Litigation, at 2.

Peace Not Bombs: Networking Session for Peace Activists, at 2.

Michael Rooke-Ley & Paula Johnson, SALT to Honor its Founders at 30th Year Reunion Banquet, at 3.

Progressive Approaches to Law Teaching: An Orientation for New (and not-so-new) Law Teachers, at 4.

AALS Law & Community Section Presents Session on Lawyering for Social Justice: Community Struggles and Political Power, at 4.

Michael Rooke-Ley, Correction on Law School Admissions, at 5.

Michael J. Waggoner, Letter to the Editor, at 5.

SALT Supports Defense of Affirmative Action in Legal Education; Co-Hosts Conference on Grutter v. Bollinger, at 6.

Testimony of Chrystal James, at 6.

Closing Argument of Miranda K. S. Massie, Attorney for the Intervening Defendants, at 6.

Closing Argument of John Payton Esq., Attorney for the University of Michigan, at 6.

Shanta Driver, Victory in Affirmative Action Cases is Imperative, at 7.

Corwin Kruse, Charles R. Lawrence III, Two Views of the River: A Critique of the Liberal Defense of Affirmative Action, 101 Colum. L. Rev. 928 (2001), at 7.

Phoebe Haddon, A Critique of the Diversity Rationale of Bakke, at 10.

SALT Board Welcomes New Members, Thanks Retirees, at 11.

Amy Kastely, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center v. City of San Antonio, at 11.

Chris Lynch, Coming Soon, A Midwest Public Interest Law Retreat, at 12.

Cover Retreat to Examine Lawyering in Context: Exploring the Intersections of Law and Community, at 12.

Grillo Retreat to Study Coalition Building in Public Interest and Social Justice Practice, at 12.

Carol Chomsky & Margaret Montoya, SALT’s Response: All Qualified Lawyers, Straight and Gay, Should Have Opportunity to Serve in the Military, at 13.

Eric S. Janus, SALT’s Solomon Brochure Stirs National Response, at 13.

Frank Valdes, Solomon: An Update, at 13.

Vernellia Randall, The United Nations World Conference Against Racism: The NGO Forum, at 14.

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