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Contents of this issue:

Nancy Ehrenreich & Deborah Waire Post, SALT Teaching Conference Addresses War, Peace & Pedagogy, at 1.

Paula C. Johnson & Michael Rooke-Ley, Co-Presidents's Column, at 1.

Holly Maguigan, November Elections for Co-Presidents and Board of Governors, at 2.

Mac Poirier, SALT Solomon Amendment Committee, at 2.

David Halperin, The American Constitution Society, at 3.

First Monday Civil Liberties in a New America, at 3.

Affirmative Action in Legal Education: The Grutter Litigation, at 4.

Bob Dinerstein, Judicial Selection Committee, at 6.

Michael Rooke-Ley, Extremist Nominees Don't Belong on the Federal Bench, at 7.

Margalynne Armstrong & Bob Dinerstein, SALT Awards Dinner Committee, at 7.

Devon Carbado & Nancy Cook, Faculty Mentoring Committee Plans "Best Practices" Study, New Faculty Programs, at 8.

Joyce Saltalamachia, SALT Bylaws Being Revised, at 8.

Eileen Kaufman & Jacob D. Fuchsberg, SALT Distributes Statement on the Bar Exam, at 8.

Vernellia Randall, Committee Pushes Forward on Diversity Index, at 9.

Alice M. Noble-Allgire, Why We Need Diversity in Law Schools - Lessons From a Night at the Movies, at 10.

Joan W. Howarth, SALT Opposes Expanded Immigration Enforcement Role for Local Police, at 12.

Fran Ansley, SALT Membership Thriving, at 19.

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SALT Equalizer, Aug. 2002

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