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Contents of this issue:

Erwin Chemerinksy, Unfortunate History is Repeating Itself, at 1.

Paula C. Johnson & Michael Rooke-Ley, Co-Presidents' Column, at 1.

Devon Carbado, Teaching tot he Whole Class, at 2.

Board Approves Nomination of Maguigan and Juarez as Co-Presidents-Elect, at 3.

Jane Dolkart, SALT's Statement of the LSAT, at 3.

Frank Valdez, Help Spread the Word Among Students About the "Critical Global Classroom" and the "Student Scholar Program," at 4.

SALT Submits Statement on the Bush Administration's Proposed War on Iraq, at 5.

Bill Quigley, Reflection on Trip to Iraq, at 5.

SALT Expresses "Grave Concern" Over Estrada Nomination, at 5.

SALT Teaching Conference, at 6.

Announcements, at 12.

Sylvia A. Law, Dorsen Fellowship Advances SALT's Work: More Contributions Needed, at 18.

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SALT Equalizer, Nov. 2002

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