SALT Equalizer


Margalynne Armstrong, The SALT Annual Awards Dinner to Honor Quigley, Lewis, at 1.

Michael Rooke-Ley, SALT, FAIR Sue Department of Defense over Solomon Amendment, at 1.

Raleigh Hanna Levine, Introducing SALT’s New Co-Presidents, at 2.

Paula C. Johnson & Michael Rooke-Ley, Co-Presidents’ Column, at 3.

Eileen Kaufman, SALT Bar Exam Workshop, at 4.

Sally Simpson, The Community Legal Access BarAlt Program, at 4.

Andrea Curcio & Clark D. Cunningham, Georgia’s Public Service Bar Exam Alternative, at 5.

Marjorie M. Shultz & Sheldon Zedeck, Identification and Development of Predictors for Successful Lawyering, at 5.

Alan Treleaven, British Columbia’s Bar Admission Program, at 6.

Michael Rooke-Ley, Book Review: Bill Quigley’s Ending Poverty, at 11.

Paula C. Johnson, Arthur Kinoy Tribute, at 12.

Bob Dinerstein, Judicial Nominations Battles Continue, at 13.

John B. Mitchell, A Conversation with Chief Justice John Marshall about Preemptive War*, at 14.

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SALT Equalizer, Nov. 2003

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