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Contents of this issue:

Nancy Ehrenreich, Drake and Texas Affairs Raise Spector of Federal Interference with Academic Freedom, at 1.

Holly Maguigan & Beto Juarez, Co-Presidents' Column, at 1.

Kent Greenfield, Third Circuit to Hear Oral Argument in May on Denial of Preliminary Injunction in Solomon Amendment Lititgation, at 3.

Bob Dinerstein, Judicial Nominations Remain Contentious, at 4.

Margaret E. Montoya, An Update on Affirmative Action, at 5.

Holly Maguigan & Beto Juarez, Letter to the Editor, Chronicle of Higher Education, at 5.

Stephen Wizner, A Brief History of the Annual Robert M. Cover Public Interest Retreat, at 6.

Zabrina Aleguire, Cover Public Interest Retreat: Bonding, Debating and Playing in Preparation for a Lifetime of Public Interest Work, at 6.

Emily Fisher & Tobin Dietrich, Sixth Annual Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Retreat: Empowerment for Social Change, at 8.

Patricia Massey, Grillo Retreat: It's All About Heroes, at 9.

Robert Lancaster, Third Annual Amaker Retreat: Challenging, Informative, and Invigorating, at 11.

Bill Quigley, Yesterday My Friend Chose Prison: Dedicated to the SOA Prisoners of Conscience, at 12.

Fran Ansley, SALT's Annual Awards Dinner a Rousing Success, at 12.

Paula C. Johnson, Excerpts from the SALT Annual Awards Dinner Remarks by Outgoing SALT Co-Presidents Johnson and Rooke-Ley, at 13.

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SALT Equalizer, May 2004

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