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Contents of this issue:

Bob Dinerstein, Judical Nominations: The White House Proposes, the Senate Opposes, at 1.

Holly Maguigan & Beto Juarez, Co-Presidents' Column, at 1.

Kent Greenfield & Sylvia Law, Excerpts from July 7, 2004 Letter on Solomon Amendment Litigation, at 4.

Laura Rovner, Lawsuit Against UND Law Clinic and Professor Dismissed with Prejudice, at 6.

Eileen Kaufman, SALT Members Encouraged to Attend October Bar Exam Conference, at 6.

Tayyab Mahmud, "Class in the Classroom": SALT's Teaching Conference to be Held in Las Vegas on October 15-16, at 7.

Joan Howarth, Retreat and Advance: A Report on the 2004 SALT Board Retreat, at 8.

Carol Chomsky, Reflections on the SALT Board Retreat, at 9.

About SALT, at 11.

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SALT Equalizer, Aug. 2004

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