SALT Equalizer


Contents of this issue:

Nancy Ehrenreich, Welcome to Our New SALT Board Members, at 1.

Beto Juarez & Holly Maguigan, Co-Presidents' Column, at 1.

Kent Greenfield, Solomon Amendment Litigation Update, at 4.

Beto Juarez, SALT and Pipeline Programs, at 4.

Margaret Martin Barry, Affirmative Action Committee Report, at 5.

Margaret Martin Barry, Follow-Up on Revised ABA Standards for Law Clinic Faculty, at 6.

Camille A. Nelson & Adele M. Morrison, Report on SALT's Third Annual Junior Faculty Development Workshop, at 6.

Jane Dolkart, SALT Annual Awards Dinner to Honor Cole, CCR, and Yamamoto, at 7.

Nancy Cook, SALT Welcomes Academy Newcomers at AALS Meetings in D.C., at 7.

Patricia Falk, SALT's Annual Robert Cover Workshop: Academic Freedom Under Assault, at 8.

Carrie Lynn, Amaker Public Interest Law Retreat: February 24-26, 2006, at 9.

Abigail Whiffen, Cover Public Interest Law Retreat: March 3-5, 2006, at 9.

Robert Lancaster, Grillo Public Interest Law Retreat: March 11-12, 2006, at 9.

Call for Participation: GAJE NYC, at 10.

Franklin Siegel, Luis DeGraffe Law Professor, Mentor to Aspiring Attorneys of Color: 1949-2005, at 11.

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SALT Equalizer, Dec. 2005

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