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Contents of this issue:

Eileen Kaufman & Tayyab Mahmud, Co-Presidents' Column, at 1.

Joan Howarth, New SALT Board of Governors Election Procedures, at 1.

Camille Nelson, 2006 SALT Teaching Conference, at 7.

Nancy Ehrenreich, Politically-Motivated Attacks on Ward Churchill Continue, at 7.

Natsu Taylor Saito, 2006 Robert Cover Workshop: Academic Freedom Under Assault, at 8.

Kellye Testy, Deanship Workshop to Be Held in May, at 9.

Carol Chomsky & Holly Maguigan, SALT Board Retreat and Strategic Planning, at 9.

Margaret Martin Barry, Affirmative Action Committee Report, at 10.

Kathleen Clark, Picking Up the Pieces After Rumsfeld v. FAIR, at 12.

Floren Wagman Roisman, Federal Judicial (and Other) Nominations Committee Report, at 13.

Adele M. Morrison, Faculty Mentoring Committee Report, at 16.

Nancy Ota, SALT Website Update, at 16.

Andi Curcio, Bar Exam Committee Report, at 16.

Jane Dolkart, SALT's 2006 Annual Awards Dinner: A Fragrant, Festive Feast, at 17.

Robert Lancaster, 2006 Amaker Retreat: Injustice and the Impoverished, at 19.

Ida Bostian, 2006 Grillo Retreat: Daunting Challenges, Worthy Examples, at 20.

Juan Calzetta, Liza-Jane Capatos & Kimberly Love, 2006 Grillo Retreat: Don't Let the Transactional World Get You Down, at 21.

Stephen Wizner, 2006 Cover Retreat: The Faces Behind the Cases, at 23.

Bill Quigley, Katrina, Ten Months Later: Gutting New Orleans, at 24.

Avi Soifer, Chris Iijima, 1948-2005, at 26.

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SALT Equalizer, Sept. 2006

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