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Contents of this issue:

Eileen Kaufman & Tayyab Mahmud, Co-Presidents' Column, at 1.

Jane Dolkart, SALT 2007 Annual Awards Dinner Honors Wildman, Rosenkranz, at 1.

Nancy Cook, Annual Robert Cover Study Group: "Come to New Orleans, But Walk Softly," at 4.

SALT Founder Norman Dorsen to Receive AALS Award, at 4.

Adele M. Morrison, Fall Semester with the Faculty Mentoring Committee, at 5.

Patricia J. Falk, SALT Teaching Conference a Great Success, at 7.

Natsu Taylor Saito, Academic Freedom Committee Report, at 9.

Kathleen Clark, Lift the Military's Gay Ban: Lobby in D.C. on March 26, 2007, at 9.

Margaret Martin Barry, Affirmative Action Committee Report, at 10.

Deobrah Waire Post, Peace Post 9/11 Committee Update, at 13.

Joan Howarth, SALT Board Transitions, at 14.

Aviam Soifer, Reminder: Please Make Sure Your School Completes SALT's Salary Survey Form, at 16.

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SALT Equalizer, Dec. 2006

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