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Contents of this issue:

Eileen Kaufman & Tayyab Mahmud, Co-Presidents' Column, at 1.

Kellye Testy, Deanship Workshop Set for September 28-29 in Seattle, at 3.

Frank Rudy Cooper, Annual Faculty Development Workshop for Progressives to Take Place October 4-5, at 4.

Patricia J. Falk, Teaching Conference Scheduled for March 14-15 in Berkeley, at 5.

Kathleen Clark, LGBT Committee Update: Lobbying to Lift the Military's Gay Ban: Opposing New Solomon Regs, at 6.

Peggy Maisel, Bar Exam Committee Urges SALT Members to Help Keep the ABA from Adopting Bar Passage Standards that Threaten Diversity in the Law Schools and Legal Profession, at 7.

Conrad Johnson, New Website on State of African-American and Mexican-American Law School Admissions, at 8.

Paula C. Johnson, Whither Brown: Supreme Court Decides Parents Involved in Community v. Seattle School District and Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education, at 7.

Florence Wagman Roisman, SALT Continues Its Active Role in Opposing Extremist Judicial and Related Nominations, at 11.

Natsu Taylor Saito, SALT Peace-Post 9/11 Committee Update: Work on Immigration Reform, Habeas Restoration, at 11.

Nancy Ehrenreich, Academic Freedom Committee Update: Ward Churchill Fired, at 12.

Adele Morrison, SALT Law School Representatives Project: “A Rep in Every School,” at 13.

Christian Halliburton, SALT Understakes Major Revamping of its Web Presence, at 14.

Nancy Cook, SALT Responds to the Legal Needs of Hurricane-Impacted Residents, at 15.

Jane Dolkart, SALT Annual Awards Dinner 2007: Great Friends, Great Food, Great Night, at 17.

Deborah Waire Post, SALT to Honor Fran Ansley, Jennifer Harbury, Sister Dianna Ortiz at Annual Awards Dinner, at 19.

Robert Lancaster, 2007 Norman Amaker Social Justice and Public Interest Law Retreat: Holistic Justice, at 20.

Stephen Wizner, 2007 Robert M. Cover Public Interest Retreat: Lawyering for Social Change, at 21.

Michele H. Domingo, 2007 Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Law Retreat: Justice Across Borders, at 22.

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SALT Equalizer, Sept. 2007

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