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Contents of this issue:

Deborah Waire Post and Margaret Martin Barry, Co-Presidents’ Column, at 1.

Hazel Weiser, Executive Director’s Column, at 1.

Holly Maguigan, SALT Launches Dorsen Fellowship Fund and Announces First Fellow, at 5.

Society of American Law Teachers Annual Dinner, January 5, 2008: Remarks of Norman Dorsen, at 6.

Eileen Kaufman, SALT’s 2008 Annual Dinner: A Joyous and Magical Reunion, at 7.

Ruben Garcia & Jane Dolkart, SALT’s Next Annual Dinner: January 9, 2009, in San Diego, at 9.

Camille Nelson & Nancy Cook, 2008 Cover Workshop: Humanizing the Consequences of Recent Immigration Law and Policy Initiatives, at 9.

Adele M. Morrison, Membership/SALT REPS Committee Asks: Are You Really a Member of SALT?, at 10.

Roberto Corrada & Reginald Oh, Affirmative Action Committee Tracks Anti-Affirmative Action Initiatives, at 11.

Benjamin Davis, Peace Post-9/11 Committee Works to Ensure Compliance with CERD, at 11.

Nancy Cook, Post-Katrina Committee Gathers Curricular Responses to Hurricane Katrina, at 12.

Patricia J. Falk, 2008 SALT Teaching Conference: Stimulating, Moving, Inspiring, and Record-Breaking!, at 13.

Ruben Garcia, Junior Faculty Development Committee Presents the Sixth Annual Faculty Development Workshop, at 15.

Andi Curcio, Bar Exam Committee Works to Develop Alternative Assessment Methods, at 16.

Natsu Saito, Academic Freedom Committee Recommends “Best Practices” to Combat Pressure to Conform, at 16.

Jackie Gardina, 2008 Lobby Day: Law Students Urge the Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” at 17.

Robyn Kane, 2008 Norman Amaker Public Interest Law and Social Justice Retreat: “Re-Commitment to Social Change: Where You Were, Where You Are, Where You Are Going,” at 18.

Allison Silva & Irina Knopp, 2008 Robert M. Cover Public Interest Law and Social Justice Retreat: “Snow and Tell,” at 19.

Ngai Pindell, 2008 Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Law Retreat: “Communities Building Social Justice,” at 21.

About SALT, at 23.

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SALT Equalizer, May 2008

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