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Contents of this issue:

Deborah Waire Post & Margaret Martin Barry, Co-Presidents' Column, at 1.

Hazel Weiser, Executive Director's Column, at 1.

Hazel Weiser, New Co-Presidents Aldana and Bender and Four New Members Elected to SALT Board, at 4.

Ruben Garcia, Join Us at the Annual SALT Awards Dinner on January 9, 2009, in San Diego, at 4.

Camille Nelson, January 2009 Cover Workshop at the AALS Annual Meeting: "The Way Forward: The Post Election 2008 Progressive Agenda," at 5.

SALT Co-President Margaret Martin Barry to Receive Pincus Award at AALS Conference, at 5.

Jane Dolkart, In the Wake of State Constitutional Amendments Barring Same-Sex Marriage, SALT Will Continue to Work for Marriage Equality, at 6.

Raquel Aldana, Post-9/11 Human Rights Committee Identifies Priorities for the Obama Administration, Invites Participation from SALT Members, at 7.

Doug Colbert, SALT Files Amicus Brief in Right-to-Counsel Case, at 8.

Steven Bender, Sixth Annual Junior Faculty Development Workshop a Great Success, at 10.

Benjamin Davis, Commemorating 1808: Examining the Legacies of the Federal Prohibition on Importing Slaves, at 11.

Hazel Weiser, SALT Honors SALT Historian Joyce Saltalamachia and SALT Webmaster Richard Chused, at 12.

Bob Lancaster, SALT's Annual Social Justice and Public Interest Retreats: Coming Soon to a Location Near You, at 13.

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SALT Equalizer, Dec. 2008

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