SALT Equalizer


Contents of This Issue:

Deborah Waire Post & Margaret Martin Barry, Co-Presidents' Column, at 1.

Hazel Weiser, Executive Director's Column, at 1.

Tayyab Mahmud, SALT Board of Governors Elections: Meet the Candidates, at 4.

Roberg Chang, Second Biennial Law School Leadership Workshop, at 6.

Ruben Garcia, SALT-LatCrit Junior Faculty Development Workshop, at 6.

Nancy Cook, Service Day in New Orleans, at 7.

Ruben Garcia, 2010 SALT Annual Dinner to Honor Professor Frank Valdes, at 7.

Hazel Weiser, Poverty Law Teaching Conference, at 7.

Ngai Pindell, SALT Teaching Conference, at 8.

Marjorie Cohn, Panel on Lawyer Liability for Torture Memos, at 8.

Deborah Waire Post, 2009 Cover Workshop, at 9.

Deborah Waire Post, 2009 SALT Annual Dinner, at 10.

Susan Feathers, 2009 Grillo Retreat, at 11.

Deborah Waire Post, 2009 Cover Retreat, at 12.

Hazel Weiser, Teaching in the Moment Workshop, at 14.

Jane Dolkart, SALT’s LGBT Committee Report, at 15.

Deborah Waire Post, Human Rights Committee Report, at 15.

Judicial/Governmental Nominations Committee Report, at 16.

Deborah Waire Post, Issues in Legal Education Committee Report, at 17.

Hazel Weiser, Salt Staff News, at 18.

New Salt Equalizer Schedule, at 19.

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SALT Equalizer, Summer 2009.

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