SALT Equalizer


Contents of This Issue:

Raquel Aldana & Steven W. Bender, Co-Presidents’ Column, at 1.

Hazel Weiser, Executive Director’s Colum, at 1.

Ngai Pindell, December SALT Teaching Conference Promises Exciting Visions of the Law School of the Future, at 4.

Ruben Garcia, New Law Teachers Pipeline Committee Launches with San Francisco Event, at 4.

Angela Onwuachi-Willig, The New SALT Blog: SALT Members Speak Out, at 5.

Doug Colbert, SALT Forms New Access to Justice Committee, at 6.

Karla McKanders, Human Rights Committee Report, at 7.

Jackie Gardina, LGBT Committee Report, at 8.

Bryan Adamson, Affirmative Action Committee Report, at 9.

Robert Dinerstein, Judicial/Governmental Nominations Committee Report, at 9.

Andi Curcio, Issues in Legal Education Committee Report, at 10.

Deborah Waire Post, Academic Freedom Committee Report: “Qualified Immunity…Is Not a Parachute to be Deployed Only When the Plane Has Run Out of Fuel,” at 11.

Imran Siddiqui, 2010 Cover Retreat Inspires, Encourages, at 12.

Steven W. Bender, 2010 Trino Grillo Retreat Reminds Participants: “Happiness is Living in Alliance With Your Own Principles,” at 12.

Ruben Garcia, Annual Dinner in New Orleans a Rousing Success; On to San Francisco, at 14.

Olympia Duhart, Membership Makes It Possible for Us to Meet Our Mission, at 14.

Hazel Weiser, “Sowing the Seeds of Justice:” Thanks for a Great Sneak Preview!, at 16.

Nancy Cook, SALT Members and Friends Provide a Day of Service in New Orleans, at 18.

About SALT, at 19.

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SALT Equalizer, Spring 2010.

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