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In this article, we explore the hypothesis that Enron's financial releases were so complex and misleading that no one could have predicted its rapid downfall, and we find that, contrary to our hypothesis, a number of people were contradicting Enron's own rosy view of itself long before the middle of 2001. We then talk about the ways in which Enron became part of the public consciousness, far beyond what it had done merely as a business entity.

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Rapoport, Nancy B. & Van Niel, Jeffrey D., Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Skilling; How Enron's Public Image Morphed from the Most Innovative Company in the Fortune 500 to the Most Notorious Company Ever (2004). ENRON: CORPORATE FIASCOS AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS, Nancy B. Rapoport & Bala G. Dharan, eds., Foundation Press, 2004.