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Quantitative Methods in Law represents the efforts of one legal scholar to apply mathematical probability and statistics to the solution of a wide range of legal problems. Michael O. Finkelstein has republished in book form a collection of his articles, beginning with his most famous and most widely cited: the application of mathematical probability to jury discrimination cases. After leading the reader through a series of fascinating applications of statistical problem solving to an impressively wide range of legal situations, the book concludes with the final words of one of the most engaging battles among legal scholars in recent years: the exchange between Michael Finkelstein and Laurence Tribe on the use of Bayes' theorem in a criminal trial to assist the jury in integrating probabilistic evidence with nonnumerical testimony.

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59 B.U. L. Rev. 582 (1979) (reviewing Michael O. Finkelstein, Quantitative Methods in Law: Studies in the Application of Mathematical Probability and Statistics to Legal Problems (1978)).

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