Assessment of Refugee Status Determination Procedure at UNHCR’s Cairo Office 2001-2002

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In Egypt, refugee status determination (RSD) by the United Nations refugee agency is frequently the single most important decision anyone will make affecting the life of an asylum-seeker. In 2001, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office in Cairo received the most individual RSD applications of all of the agency's offices worldwide. The Cairo office has taken some significant steps to improve the RSD process. At the same time, some important international standards of fair and effective RSD procedures have not been implemented. In recent years, the number of refugee applicants in Egypt has grown and UNHCR-Cairo's resources have declined. In order to prevent the deportation of people who should qualify for international protection as refugees, UNHCR should reassess its RSD activities in Egypt, and consider alternative means of providing protection that would be less burdensome and less risky for people fleeing violence and human rights violations.

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(Am. Univ. in Cairo: Forced Migration & Refugee Studies, Working Paper No. 1, 2002).