Ukrainian Insurgency against the Post-War Sovietization: The Case of the Female Teachers from the East in Western Ukraine

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"In 1944, after the entry of the Red Army on the territory of the Western Ukraine, the Sovietization, which has been stopped by the war, proceeded. The Soviet power pressed ahead with the industrialization, collectivization and cultural transformations of the Western Ukrainian areas at a good pace. The special role of these transformations occupied the changes and developments of the educational system, which was supported by thousands of specialists from Eastern Ukraine and partly Russia. These specialists represented among others functions as propagators of the socialistic ideas and as fighters against West Ukrainian nationalists. In large part, their majority (medical and educational sector) was composed of women. The author focuses on the dispositions of arriving female 'strangers', 'enemies on the territory', who were situated between observing and pressure by the Soviet power on the one hand and punitive actions by Ukrainian nationalists on the other.

The documents point to an ambivalent situation: on one hand, there was a wide spectrum of cooperation between the young Komsomol girls with the OUN; on the other hand, there were acts of violence against the specialists from the East by the nationalists."