Brenna Irving

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The Court examined whether NRS 463.318(2), which states that judicial review is the exclusive method of review for Nevada Gaming Commission (“Commission”) actions, precluded Stephen Wynn’s writ of prohibition that argued the Commission and Nevada Gaming Control Board (“Board”) lacked jurisdiction over Wynn in his disciplinary proceeding. The Court also considered whether an order by the Commission denying Wynn’s motion to dismiss was “final” under NRS 463.315(1), which entitles a person subject to the Commission’s disciplinary proceedings to judicial review of the Commission’s final order. Pursuant to NRS 463.318(2), the Court found the district court lacked jurisdiction to review Wynn’s petition. The Court also found the district court further lacked jurisdiction pursuant to NRS 463.315(1) because the Commission’s denial of Wynn’s motion to dismiss was not “final.”