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In an opinion drafted by Justice Herndon, the Court considered whether the description of effect articulates an overarching purpose and explains how provisions relate to a single subject. This appeal involves the requirements for Initiative petitions as set forth by the Nevada Constitution. In this appeal, the Court addresses three of them: the single-subject requirement, the description-of-effect requirement, and the funding requirement for a proposal that makes an appropriation or requires the expenditure of money. First, the Court clarified that even if an initiative petition proposes more than one change to Nevada law, it may still meet the singlesubject requirement, provided that the proposed changes are functionally related and germane to each other and a single subject. They then concluded that that the initiative petition's description of effect is straightforward, succinct, and nonargumentative. Finally, the Court concluded that the appellant failed to demonstrate that the proposal requires the expenditure of money without providing a funding source. Therefore, the Court used this rationale to affirm the district court's order rejecting appellant's complaint challenging the initiative petition.

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