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Appellant Gail Holland (“Holland”), an individual, brought this action to appeal the Eighth Judicial District Court’s granting of summary judgment for constructive trust and quiet title to Respondent, Anthony L. Barney, Ltd. (“Barney, Ltd.”).2,3 The asset in contention, real property located at Loma Portal Avenue (“Loma Portal”) in Northwest Las Vegas, has been litigated over the span of 15 years in both state and federal courts after Holland’s ex-husband, Gloyd Green (“Green”), embezzled money from the Howard Family Trust (“Howard Trust”) in part to buy the aforementioned property. Following a complex procedural history discussed below, the instant case asked the Court of Appeals whether the District Court erred when it made a ruling for Respondent-Creditor that contravenes preceding bankruptcy4 and divorce5 (family court) judgments. In a 3-0 decision authored by Judge Bulla, the Court reversed and remanded the District Court’s ruling.