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The real party in interest Richard Matthews brought an action for unpaid attorney’s fees against the petitioner Dean Sellers in Elko, Nevada’s Justice Court. Both Matthews, an attorney, and Sellers, a non-attorney, represented themselves. The court entered judgment for Matthews. The award included Matthews’ principle claim of $5,075.00, pre-judgment interest, costs of $230.001 and attorney’s fees of $1,500.002. Sellers unsuccessfully appealed to the District Court.3 Subsequently, Sellers filed a proper person petition for a writ of certiorari in the Nevada Supreme Court. The petition challenged the justice court’s judgment awarding damages, pre-judgment interest, costs and attorney fees. The court granted the petition in part, holding that the justice’s court did not exceed its jurisdiction by awarding damages, pre-judgment interest and costs.4 However, the court did find that the justice’s court exceeded its jurisdiction by awarding attorney’s fees to Matthews.

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