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Contents of this issue:

Phobe A. Haddon, Lani Guinier's Nomination, at 1.

Sylvia A. Law, President's Column, at 1.

Holly Maguigan, SALT's Teaching Conference an Extraordinary Success, at 5.

Elvia Arriola, Give Me More: A First-Timer Reflects on the Teaching Conference, at 6.

Doug Colbert & Jerome M. Culp, Professor Dwight Greene Slain by Unknown Assailant, at 8.

SALT Teaching Conference, at 10.

Joyce Saltalamachia, SALT Board Meets in New York, at 12.

Arthur S. Leonard, Update on Cracker Barrel and CREF, at 14.

Marjorie Fine Knowles, TIAA-CREF, Divestment and Socially Responsible Investing, at 15.

Elizabeth M. Schneider, The MacCrate Report: Opportunity for Curricular Reform, at 15.

Richard Chused, Finally... Gender, Race, and Teaching Status Data Now Being Gathered at the AALS, at 17.

Nan Aron & Barbara Moulton, Justice for Sale, at 17.

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SALT Equalizer, Sept. 1993

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