SALT Equalizer


Contents of this issue:

Sylvia A. Law, Important SALT Testimony on Health Care Reform, at 1.

Pat Cain, President's Column, at 1.

Joyce Saltalamchia, SALT Activities in Orlando, at 3.

Sumilu Cue & Andrea Kurtz, Cover Retreat Inspires and Empowers, at 5.

Michael Rooke-Ley, Academic Support Programs: Serious (And Unheralded) Work Toward Creating Diversity, at 8.

Kent D. Lollis, The Academic Assistance Program Initiatives of the Law School Admission Council, at 8.

Laurie Zimet, The Academic Program at Santa Clara, at 9.

Kris Knaplund, The Role of Academic Support at UCLA, at 11.

Paula Lustbader, The Academic Resource Center at Puget Sound, at 12.

Liz Ryan Cole, New Spirit at the Legal Services Corporation, at 14.

Phoebe A. Haddon, Protecting Those Whom SALT "Corrupts," at 15.

Sylvia A. Law, Reviewing the Clearinghouse Review, at 16.

Ann Shalleck, Alliance for Justice's Nationwide Symposia, at 17.

Carol Chomsky, Midwest Teaching Conference Coming this Fall!, at 18.

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SALT Equalizer, Apr. 1994

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