SALT Equalizer


Contents of this issue:

Joyce Saltalamachia, Haywood Burns and Shanar Gilbert to Receive SALT Awards in Washington, D.C., at 1.

Michael Rooke-Ley, SALT to Host Major Conference in April: The Law School Culture and Concepts of Meritocracy, at 1.

Linda S. Greene, President's Column, at 2.

Ann Shalleck, "First Monday" Programs at Over 130 Law Schools, at 2.

Joyce Saltalamachia, Full Agenda for SALT Board in Chicago, at 3.

Stephanie M. Wildman, Proposition 209 Signals an All-Out War on Affirmative Action, at 5.

Carol Chomsky, Tenth Annual Cover Study Group to Examine Meritocracy and LSAT, at 8.

Sylvia A. Law, SALT Urges Supreme Court to Protect Civil Rights, at 11.

Carol Chomsky, Plans Developing for SALT Teaching Conference: "Bridging the Gap Between Classroom and Clinic," at 11.

Angel P. Harris, Call for Papers: Conference on Critical Race Theory, at 12.

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SALT Equalizer, Dec. 1996

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