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Contents of this issue:

Carol Chomsky & Margaret Montoya, Presidents' Column, at 1.

Margaret Montoya, Bush v. Gore: Implications for Teaching and Scholarship, at 1.

2002 SALT Awards Dinner to Celebrate Thirty Years of Activism, at 2.

Stephanie M. Wildman, Instilling Purpose: Courses in Justice Need to be Part of Every Student's Legal Education, at 2.

Vernellia Randall, SALT Law School Diversity Report to be Published: Members' Help Sought, at 3.

Margalynne Armstrong, Third Annual Trina Grillo Public Interest Retreat, at 4.

Corey Norton, Robert M. Cover Public Interest Law Retreat Explores Progressive Collaboration, at 4.

SALT Board Approves Funds for Midwest Public Interest Retreat: Seeks Coordinator, at 5.

Marcia Kuntz, Alliance for Justice Organizes Around Judicial Nominations Process, at 5.

Jane Howarth, Supreme Court Rules Against SALT Position Supporting Former Boy Scout James Dale, at 6.

Fran Ansley, Stuart and Ellen Filler Fellowship Fund Makes First Award, at 7.

Call for Nominations for Board and Nominating Committee, at 7.

SALT Seeks Web Editor, at 9.

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SALT Equalizer, June 2001

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