SALT Equalizer


Nancy L. Cook & Martha Chamallas, Introducing SALT: An Orientation for New (and Not So New) Law Teachers, at 1.

Margaret Montoya & Carol Chomsky, Presidents’ Column, at 1.

SALT Joins Statement “In Defense of Freedom at a Time of Crisis,” at 1.

SALT and CLEA to Sponsor October Conference on Affirmative Action, at 2.

Howard A. Glickstein, SALT Salary Survey, at 3.

Heidi Nesbitt, SALT Funds Fellowships for Pre-Law Summer Institute, at 3.

Anthony Paul Farley, No Exit?*, at 4.

Bricker Lavik, New Collaboration Seeks to Connect Justice Issues and Legal Scholarship, at 5.

William C. Kidder, Affirmative Action Litigation Update, at 6.

Margaret M. Russell, Introducing the Equal Justice Society: Integrating Legal Theory, Practice, and Activism in Furtherance of Social Justice, at 7.

Brenda Haskins, Land Tenure Center Extern is Filler Fellow, at 7.

Michael Rooke-Ley, Re-Engaging Faculty in the Admission Process: A Modest Proposal; or Talk (of access and justice and equality) is Cheap and Our Work Must Begin at Home, at 7.

Board Introductions, at 8.

SALT’s 30th Year Celebration and Reunion Banquet: “Honoring Our Founders,” at 10.

Equal Justice Society Conference, at 11.

Farley Reading List for Changing Lives Through Literature, at 12.

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SALT Equalizer, Oct. 2001

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