SALT Equalizer


Contents of this issue:

SALT Celebrates 30 Years with Gala Banquet, at 1.

Paula C. Johnson & Michael Rooke-Ley, Presidents' Column, at 1.

Margaret Montoya, An Update on Grutter, the Michigan Law School Affirmative Action Case, at 2.

New Teachers Workshop, at 3.

SALT Extends Condolences to Appalachian School of Law, at 5.

Public Interest Retreats, at 6.

SALT Committee Reports, at 8.

Special Pull-Out Section: SALT Committees 2002-03, at 12.

SALT Opposes Pickering Nomination, at 20.

Professors Protest Justice Thomas Visit: SALT Writes in Support, at 22.

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SALT Equalizer, Apr. 2002

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