SALT Equalizer


Kent Greenfield, Solomon Amendment Litigation Update, at 1.

Beto Juarez & Holly Maguigan, Co-Presidents’ Column, at 1.

Frank Rudy Cooper, In October, a Faculty Development Workshop for Progressives, at 3.

Michael Avery, See the New National Lawyers Guild in Portland this Fall, at 4.

Charles Calleros, ABA/LSAC Diversity Pipeline Conference to be Held in November, at 5.

Nancy Cook, SALT Welcoming Events for Academy Newcomers: November in D.C. and January in New Orleans, at 7.

Eileen Kaufman, Clinicians and Alternatives to the Bar Exam, at 8.

New ABA Standards for Clinicians’ Job Security, Governance Roles, at 9.

Beto Juarez, Strengthening ABA Accreditation Standards to Improve Minority Admissions, at 10.

Florence Wagman Roisman, Federal Judicial Nominations Update, at 11.

Natsu Taylor Saito, Lynne Stewart Sentencing Update, at 12.

Nancy Ehrenreich, Ward Churchill Update, at 13.

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SALT Equalizer, Sept. 2005

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