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Contents of This Issue:

Raquel Aldana & Steven W. Bender, Co-Presidents’ Column, at 1.

Hazel Weiser, Executive Director’s Column, at 1.

Ruben Garcia, 2011 San Francisco Dinner Is a Great Success; D.C. Is Next in 2012, at 5.

Ngai Pindell, SALT’s Teaching Conference a Tremendous Success, at 6.

Hazel Weiser, Have You Bought Your Copy of Vulnerable Populations and Transformative Law Teaching: A Critical Reader?, at 7.

Hazel Weiser, Breaking In: How to Get a Job in the Legal Academy, at 7.

Holly Maguigan, Leaders Sought to Serve on SALT’s Board of Governors, at 8.

Olympia Duhart, Membership Matters, at 8.

Kathleen Bergin, SALT Blog: Recruiting New Voices for Our New Venture, at 9.

Karla McKanders & Marjorie Cohn, Human Rights Committee: A Busy, Productive Year with More to Come, at 10.

Ruben Garcia, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Committee: Taking on Challenges from High School to Law School and Beyond, at 12.

Jackie Gardina, LGBT Committee: Working for Equality, at 13.

Andi Curcio & Carol Chomsky, Issues in Legal Education Committee: Comments on Pending ABA Accreditation Standards, at 14.

Andi Curcio & Carol Chomsky, Issues in Legal Education Committee: Proposed Changes to Accreditation Standard on Tenure and Security of Position, at 15.

Andi Curcio & Eileen Kaufman, Issues in Legal Education Committee: SALT Opposes Changes to the Accreditation Standard Governing Bar Pass Rates, at 17.

Kevin Lichtenberg, 2011 Norman Amaker Public Interest Law and Social Justice Retreat: “Building Public Interest Leaders to Overcome Social Injustice,” at 18.

Jamie Rhodes, 24th Annual Robert Cover Retreat Sets a Gold Standard, at 20.

Hazel Weiser, 13th Annual Trina Grillo Social Justice Retreat: Focus on Human Rights, at 21.

Meet Dorsen-Filler Fellow Kimberly Pray, at 23.

Hazel Weiser, Farewell to Elizabeth Luzzi, at 23.

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SALT Equalizer, May 2011.

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