Nevada Law Journal


In Professor Tobias' piece, entitled Procedural Provisions in Nevada Medical Malpractice Reform (Volume 3, Issue 2: 406 - Winter 2002/ 2003), the second-to-last sentence of the first paragraph on page 406 should read, "Indeed, the proviso which covers sanctions amends a section of the Nevada Revised Statute that governs all litigation." Also, the last sentence on page 407 (continuing on page 408) should read, "The legislature considered modifying but did not change the Nevada Code provision that imposes joint and several liability on tortfeasors in numerous circumstances - including, most importantly, vehicular operation - which did not involve medical malpractice." The Journal staff regrets these errors, and appreciates the patience of its authors and readers.

Publication Citation

3 Nev. L.J. 406 (2002-2003).